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8 Beautiful Features of E-LEARNING.NG

E-LEARNING.NG is a revolutionary App designed to be a school in a box. It is an ‘On-The-Go’ solution that can be deployed on mobile devices and also on personal computers.

The application contains over 3000hrs of amazing video lectures and animations, taught by Nigerian teachers, in line with the current NERDC secondary school curriculum. Lesson notes, practice quizzes, CBT module, skill acquisition, educational games, virtual classrooms to mention a few, are key features and modules.

E-LEARNING.NG runs completely offline. Simply put, it is an electronic school or a ‘Coursera for the Nigerian System’.

E-LEARNING.NG most importantly has an online lesson center targeted at connecting students with teachers. Students can now learn at anytime, ask questions and get the answers instantly.

Beyond the regular subjects taught in schools, E-LEARNING.NG also covers several skills necessary to get a student fully equipped.

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1. Unlimited Classrooms (Channels)

To scale the online lesson to be able to cater for over 1,000,000 students efficiently, we added this feature called ‘Channels’. It is very similar to the traditional classrooms.


A teacher is expected to create his own chann

el. He teaches through the channel, prepares and posts his own lesson notes, videos and audios in the channel, sets assignments there.

Students who desire to be in the channel wou

With this model, as our students grow, we scale up by employing more teachers who would simply create more channels for the new students.ld find the channel by searching for the teacher’s name or visiting the channel directly using the channel number ie, channel 70.

2. An e-library

The e-library contains materials such as e-books, pre-recorded video lectures etc. This section is for student who would want to study on their own without necessarily needing the assistance of teachers.

Just like a physical library, we keep hunting for the best materials from 3rd party vendors to populate our library.

3. A Highly extensible CBT Module

The importance of having a CBT module in the app cannot be over-emphasized. Beyond having the questions and answers, we have also taken time to prepare audio solutions for each question to guide students as they revise.

4. An instant messaging module

Like whatsapp, this module allows the students interact with our teachers remotely like whatsapp, share pictures, audio notes, education videos, assignments etc. Information can be shared freely without attracting extra cost on the part of the students.

5. Educational Games

Variety is the spice of life. In search of better ways to help students revise the thousands of past questions, we designed this board game. We hope to build more games over time.

6. Assessment modules

Student evaluation can be done automatically in the app. Assessments could be set as objective assessment tests, which would be marked by the system or as subjective assessment tests which would be manually reviewed and scored by the teachers.

7. Social learning system

Beyond delivering education, we also see the importance of building a community of students – A facebook for education. Students would learn from other students and also from their teachers.

8. Performance monitoring system

This module would allow teachers and parents track the performance of their students.

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