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School Digitization Programme

We are on a mission to take education in Nigeria, through ICT, to a new realm. And we would love your school to be one of the  beneficiaries of our “Total School Digitalization Process”. This would come at almost zero cost to your school.

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The benefits of this new experience are numerous. Outlined below are a few benefits
1. A Mobile App will be deployed to your school for the students, teachers and school owner
2. An online digital management portal will also be set up for your school for teachers and students who would love to work without their mobile
3. With the setup above,
A. The Proprietor
i. Would have real time update on all the activities going on in the school from his mobile app
ii. Can send instant messages to all the teachers and students if he so wishes
iii. Can monitor teacher & student performance and attendance
iv. Can stay connected to all the parents and teachers
v. View live video streams of all the activities in every class in the school
B. The Pupils/Students
i. Would be issued digital ID Cards
ii. Have all-time access to a CBT portal for their study
iii. Would be able to access e-learning videos on all topics and subjects of their choice
iv. Can use the e-reading feature of the mobile app to access multimedia lesson notes and illustrations anytime they want to study
v. Can make purchases/payments in the school with just their digital ID-card. ie cashless transactions in the school
C. The Teacher
i. Would no longer needs to carry hard copies of their lesson notes, but rather work with the multimedia lesson notes on the platform
ii. Would use the school portal feature to manage the academic records of the pupil/student on his tablet or laptop
iii. Would be less-burdened on the computation of results
iv. Would take student class attendance biometrically
v. Track performance of students on their mobile
vi. Give and mark student assignments on their mobile
vii. Set exam questions and manage them on their mobile
There’s so much you can achieve when you go digital. Be part of this revolution!

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