1. 40% profit on each product

As a distributor , you make 40% profit on each product

Here’s how it works;

Each scratch card is sold for #300 to our distributors and they are to sell it for #500 to students. With the assistance of the company a distributor can build up to 500 students that buy these cards from him on a monthly basis giving him over #100,000 profit.

2. Credit facilities from the company

As a distributor, you get access to buy on credit from the company

Here’s how it works;

You can get credit facilities from the company if you have a transaction history of #100,000 and above with the company

3. Unlimited access to the product for 2 family members

As a distributor, the company offers two (2) of your children unlimited access to the E-LEARNING.NG APP.

4. Sales referrals from the company

When you register as a distributor the company get your location details and refers student to buy from you through our tracker.

5. Get published on the on the company’s App

As a company our major goal is to make learning easy and more interacting to student and how do we achieve that?

We can only achieve that with the aid of our distributors in getting the product to our student. So we publish our distributors on our App so the student can connect with them on WhatsApp or call them to purchase the product from them nationwide.