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E-LEARNING.NG 5K Marketing Plan

E-LEARNING.NG is a revolutionary App designed to be a school in a box. It is an ‘On-The-Go’ solution that can be deployed on mobile devices and also on personal computers.

The application contains over 3000hrs of amazing video lectures and animations, taught by Nigerian teachers, in line with the current NERDC secondary school curriculum. Lesson notes, practice quizzes, CBT module, skill acquisition, educational games, virtual classrooms to mention a few, are key features and modules.

E-LEARNING.NG runs completely offline. Simply put, it is an electronic school or a ‘Coursera for the Nigerian System’.

E-LEARNING.NG most importantly has an online lesson center targeted at connecting students with teachers. Students can now learn at anytime, ask questions and get the answers instantly.

Beyond the regular subjects taught in schools, E-LEARNING.NG also covers several skills necessary to get a student fully equipped

Our Online Lesson Center is a fast-selling product and has been structured to provide you unlimited monthly income. The best part of it is that you sell as much as you can and remit #5,ooo.

How our 5K marketing plan works

  1. Install our Online Lesson App for students (Click to find out more about the product)
  2. Students pay you #500 monthly to study on the platform
  3. Keep building your student-base to as much as you can handle
  4. Remit #5,000 to us at the end of the month

Let’s look at the details of the 5K marketing plan

E-LEARNING.NG platform requires monthly activation. The company provides our marketing team only, the ability to generate this activation and sell same to students.

At the beginning of the month, our system automatically credits everyone in the team activation worth #30,000. Everyone in the team is expected to exhaust this activation and pay  back #5,000 at the end of the month.

Here’s the catch, on the 1st of every month, the system clears the activation for the previous month and credits you a new one. You can’t carry over unused pins to a new month. So any money not made for that month is lost and you have to start on a new note.

You are thus expected to maximise every month, if possible exceed the initial credit of #30,000.

Note that this #30,000 credit limit will be increased by #2,500 monthly from the 3rd month with us.

Anyone who doesn’t remit 5K at the end of the month is assumed to have dropped.

Let’s start making money.

We wish you an awesome experience working with us.

Do you have questions? Kindly call 08104639590 for more information

Click here to register with us if you haven’t done that already

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